OB Logistics - Returns Solution

As an eCommerce store owner, you understand that returns can be a huge factor in customer satisfaction and the cost of it to your bottom line. We consider ourselves experts in this field by our previous work with returns for both bulk and DTC fulfillment.

Table of Contents

  • Our Process
  • How our clients initiate returns
  • How we handle returns

Our process

From 10+ years of managing returns for eCommerce and bulk shipments, our process is robust and fitted to your needs down to the SKU level. Our process is as follows:


We have partnered with Two Boxes which helps our clients facilitate the workflow of incoming returns. Our software seamlessly connects with the major returns platforms such as Returnly and Loop Returns, which allows for an easy set-up and a “set it, and forget process” on your end once it is established.

Onboarding process: 

In the onboarding process, we allow you to identify what makes for an acceptable return for each product with detailed pictures and conditions that you can customize using the Two Boxes software. In addition, we can establish what to do with your product upon inspection. Some of the most common dispositions we can handle: Put it back in stock, Refurbish, Donate, Dispose of it.

Returns Management:

Depending on your brand's needs, we can bundle your products together on 1 pallet and ship it to a fulfillment center, refurbish it, or put it back in storage for another order.


As an eCommerce store owner, we know how important it is that your products are represented well and adhere to the requirements of an acceptable return. Using our dashboard from Two Boxes, you have full visibility to pictures, statistics, and details for each return that comes into our building.

How Our Clients Initiate Returns

Initiating a return using Outbound Fulfillment is a straightforward process.

  • Partner with a Returns software: Typically, our clients are partnered with a returns software like Happy Returns, which will initiate the return with the customer and is connected to Two Boxes. You can place your Happy Returns or Returnly link wherever it makes sense such as your website.
  • Customer starts a return: Customers can start by visiting your returns link to locate the product(s) they wish to return. Once the order has been found, customers can initiate the return process by following the prompts and selecting the items they wish to return. Your software will then provide a shipping label and allow them to drop it off at a local shipping store.

How We Handle Returns

  • Planning: with our process and software (Two Boxes), we are able to identify labor needed depending on each SKU’s typical time to take in. We can prioritize different SKUs for faster returns if that’s a requirement.
  • Inspection: Based on predefined inspection steps established in onboarding, each item is inspected to its unique requirements.
  • Put away: After inspection, we put away the product for reuse, refurbishment, or whatever works best for your business.